UltraSearch Professional

The Ultra-Fast File Search Solution

Intuitive Search Syntax

With UltraSearch Professional, you can not only search by file name, but also limit the search to file extensions, file types or file contents. Catchy keywords make this possible without any mouse clicks. Search terms can be easily combined with AND or OR and file names can be excluded from the search using the search syntax. It is also possible to use wildcards and regular expressions.

If you are looking for specific video files, simply enter type:video files next to the file name. When searching for license documents you can, for example, start a full text search for "My license" in all Word files using extension:docx AND content:my license.

The search syntax offers you the possibility

  • to find file and folder names.
  • to use wildcards in the search terms.
  • to search for file extensions or file types.
  • to perform a full text search in files.
  • to combine several search terms.
  • to exclude files and folders from the search.
  • to use regular expressions.
  • to use a short spelling of keywords for a faster search entry.

When using UltraSearch Professional is something new for you, articulating your search opens up new problems or you just cannot find expected results, UltraSearch Professional helps you out. Our Query Composer supports you articulating your search request and teaches you all possibilties of the search syntax.

The Query Composer offers a clear input mask with separate fields for the most common search criteria. Each input field has a detailed explanation, which you can access via the "?" button. Your input is "translated" by the Query Composer into a search query that provides you with the desired search results.