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SpaceObServer Web Accessv2.3Access SpaceObServer scan results via your Web Browser

SpaceObServer scans hard disks and servers and stores all scan results to a database. With the SpaceObServer Web Access end users can access these scans in a web browser - without installing additional software on their computers

The SpaceObServer Web Access is an add-on for SpaceObServer. It can only be used in combination with the SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition


The SpaceObServer Web Access connects to the SQL database and provides scan data in easy to understand analyses. Data consistency is secured: File operations such as moving, copying, or deleting files are impossible; end users have read-only access.

Users can mark folders and their subfolders (partly or entirely). Admins can see those markers in the SpaceObServer user interface. This facilitates easy communication between user and administrator.

Installing SpaceObServer Web Access is simple: The comfortable setup configures the webserver automatically.

Web Access and Remote Client - the Differences

The SpaceObServer Web Access is your solution if you want to grant your colleagues access to the reports from any computer (no matter if Windows, Linux or Mac OS). The users get a URL from you, which they can access in their browser. No software installation is required. You decide which data is displayed to whom! For this purpose, Web Access offers intelligent user management and the corresponding role system. The configuration of scans is not possible. This functionality is provided by the SpaceObServer Remote Client. The add-on gives you the possibility to configure the SpaceObServer from any computer in the network and to view the reports. To do this, you simply have to install the Remote Client on the computer on which you want to configure scans or view reports.

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