SEPA Direct Debit and Bank Transfers

Create SEPA Transactions

Invoices from service providers and suppliers, salaries to employees, other payments that you want to make quickly and easily within the SEPA area? With SEPA-Transfer you are on the safe side.

  • Is your transfer data available as an Excel document or in another supported format? SEPA-Transfer imports postings from Excel, CSV, DTA files and, in the Enterprise Edition, from databases and saves them. This way you can access this data over and over again.
  • You only have the account number and bank sort code at hand? SEPA-Transfer automatically converts them into an IBAN.
  • Complete the SEPA transfer: after you have created a transfer, you can issue the transfer order for your domestic German account to the bank with one click.

Do you have to carry out several bank transactions on a specific date? For example transfer salaries? With SEPA Transfer, you can prepare all transfer orders collectively.

Transfers to many recipients can also be automated with SEPA Transfer via the command line. This allows you to complete recurring import processes with a single click and all you need to do for the subsequent transfer to your bank is enter your PIN and TAN.