SEPA Direct Debits and Bank Transfers

SEPA-Transfer as Payment System

Especially for smaller businesses, expensive EC payment procedures with monthly basic costs or high payment fees are often not worthwhile.

SEPA-Transfer Enterprise Edition offers an alternative here: in combination with a smart card reader, SEPA-Transfer can be used as an offline payment system. Payments are simply debited from the customer's account as direct debits.

This is how payment by EC card works with the SEPA-Transfer Enterprise Edition:

  • The customer inserts his EC card into the card reader.
  • SEPA-Transfer reads all required data and saves the direct debit.
  • The SEPA mandate is printed out and signed by the customer. All entries can be checked again here.
  • The stored direct debits are transferred to the bank via HBCI/FinTS (online banking). This can also be done cumulatively, for example once a day after business hours.

The hardware used must meet the following requirements:

  • The smart card reader must have a USB port.
  • Drivers of a supported Windows version must be installed.
  • Any Windows printer should be available for printing accompanying and voucher slips.

Compatible readers are available from Amazon, for example, either in a simple version or as a HBCI-compatible device.

There are no additional usage fees or license costs apart from the one-time purchase fees for the SEPA Transfer Enterprise Edition and the smart card reader.