Where the SEPA End-to-End-ID comes in handy

What is a SEPA End-To-End-ID?

The End-To-End-ID is a way to forward SEPA payment information beside the SEPA purpose. Like the SEPA purpose text, the End-To-End-ID is forwarded from the transactions' client to the destination account by the credit institution without any changes.

The End-To-End-ID allows allocating payments within the SEPA areas clearly to business transactions, e.g. structured information like invoice or transaction IDs. This makes automation of income and outcome management more simple, similar to the use of a SEPA Purpose Code.

Note that the End-To-End-ID must not be longer than 35 characters. When no ID is needed, the SEPA standard provides the constant "NOTPROVIDED" that needs to be used. The SEPA End-To-End-ID must not be empty!

Here is an example: The processing of a SEPA transaction or a SEPA direct debit failed, so the payment is being revised. With the End-To-End-ID, the client can clearly allocate the payment to the original order. This allows automated further processing.

How to use End-To-End-ID on a daily basis

There are a few things to keep in mind when using the End-to-End-ID, but SEPA-Transfer supports you in doing so.

There are only certain characters that can be used in End-To-End-IDs. SEPA-Transfer makes sure that you only use allowed characters, so your SEPA payment information can be forwarded without any trouble.

Apart from End-To-End-IDs, SEPA-Transfer can import payment data like IBAN, payment amount or purpose from various file types and even databases. Doing so, you can perform dozens of SEPA transactions or SEPA direct debits using collective transactions in SEPA-Transfer.

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