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Keep Track of Your Exchange Mailboxes

Nowadays, managing one or more email mailboxes is a must. They are a necessary tool for communication and few people can imagine life without them. However, email accounts can accumulate huge amounts of data over the years and block valuable server space. Exchange Servers will start reacting sluggishly when

User's mailboxes can contain duplicates of files sent via email, inactive accounts keep copies of received files - in short: there might be thousands of redundant files on your Exchange Server.

While many disk space management programs fail to cover the subject of Exchange Server storage usage, SpaceObServer is here to help: it connects to your Exchange Server and offers the full range of reporting options.

Scan Exchange Server mailboxes with SpaceObServer.

Check server space usage with SpaceObServer and make sure that your Exchange Server does not choke on the size of the mailboxes stored on it.

Want to lighten the storage load on your Exchange Server? The Exchange Server Toolbox will archive emails and keep your Exchange fast and lean.

We protect your privacy! The plug-in "Shariff" makes sure that your data will not be transferred to social networks unless you click one of the share buttons. Learn more.