Continuously Scan Your Server Storage

The SpaceObServer scan service runs in the background and continuously tracks storage usage on your system. Scan results are automatically copied into an SQL database and can be accessed at any time via the SpaceObServer user interface or the SpaceObServer add-on Remote Client.

Here you can see how the data transfer between the file system, the database, the scan service and the user interface works. All components can be located on separate machines:

Chart showing functioning of SpaceObServer

The SpaceObServer scan service allows you to scan network drives without installing additional software on the monitored servers. Whenever a user starts a scan manually or a scheduled scan is triggered, the SpaceObServer scan service starts scanning the predefined medium.

Useful Hint:

If the option "Use NTFS Change Journals" is activated, NTFS change journals will be used to track file and folder sizes of local drives. To avoid unnecessary operations, the SpaceObServer scan service monitors the change journals in a configurable interval - this way, temporary files appearing on the system only for a short time will not be scanned.