Automatized Reporting: Keep Track of Disk Space

Our customers often use TreeSize to create automatized reports concerning disk space usage. For example, they scan their storage servers on a weekly basis and send the results as HTML formatted email with attached Excel files to the administrators.


1. TreeSize offers a wide range of reporting options. The administrator selects the information he requires.

2. In the next step the administrator creates a task to collect the selected information and compiles them in clear reports:

  • Disk space usage of the first folder level as body of the email
  • The top 100 files as Excel file
  • Disk space usage per user as Excel file

3. The system administrator will now receive weekly emails containing all required information and can act before the expensive storage system reaches maximum capacity.

When configuring this task, TreeSize compiles a command line that can also be used in batch files and PowerShell scripts, it may look like this:


Larger international companies often use our even more flexible and powerful disk space manager SpaceObServer to monitor their storage systems. Learn in our Case Study Disk Space Management how a company uses SpaceObServer to motivate their employees to keep their user profiles and team folders clean of unnecessary files using a sophisticated automatized reporting.