That's How The TreeSize Basic Search Works

Find your files with the TreeSize basic search with an ease

Are you looking for a certain file and you want to find it as quick as possible? The basic search of TreeSize can not only search by file name, but also limit the search to file extensions, file types or file contents. Catchy keywords make this possible without any mouse clicks.

Clever search syntax

The TreeSize basic search syntax allows you to

  • find file and folder names: paint.exe
  • use wildcards in the search terms: *.bmp
  • search for file extensions or file types: type:Audio Files
  • use file properties as filters, like size filters: size:>20
  • perform a full text search in files: content:My License
  • combine several search terms: *.bmp OR *.jpg
  • exclude files and folders from the search: name:!=readme
  • use regular expressions: name:~[0-9]
  • use a short spelling of keywords for a faster search entry: ext:bmp

For your advantage, search terms can be easily combined with "AND" or "OR" and file names can be excluded from the search using the search syntax. If you don't remember the full the file name anymore, you can use wildcards and regular expressions to improve your workflow.

If you are looking for specific video files, simply enter type:video files next to the file name. When searching for license documents you can, for example, start a full text search for "My license" in all Word files using extension:docx AND content:my license.