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The Database-Based Disk Space Manager

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  • Track Disk Space Usage Continuously in the Background

    • The SpaceObServer Agent scans selected drives and stores the collected data in an SQL database.
    • Scan network drives without the need to install additional software on the server.
    • Scan all shares of a complete server at the touch of a button or schedule scans.
    • SpaceObServer can access the NTFS Change Journals of local drives and updates information about local NTFS drives continuously.
      The Enterprise Edition offers even more disk space management features:
    • Determine disk space occupied by Exchange mailboxes (right down to folder level).
    • Linux and Unix file systems can usually be scanned via NFS (Network File System) or Samba - the Enterprise Edition allows you to scan them directly via SSH (Secure Shell).
  • Analyze Disk Space

    • The size of each folder is displayed directly in the file system tree: easily discover which folders occupy most of your hard disk space.
    • Visualize disk space usage and track down unwanted files with several visualization options.
    • A space usage history shows development over time and provides an approximate estimate of disk space usage development for the future.
    • View, print and export 3D bar, pie, line charts and tree maps.
    • Scanned directories can be merged in "Containers", allowing analyses across drives, e.g. to search for duplicate files.
    • Statistics can be grouped by users or file extensions.
    • Compare folders and file structures to find similar or identical trees.
  • Search for Files

    • The highly customizable file search allows filtering your files by size, last change, last access and creation date, extension, filename and path pattern, file attributes, owner or full path length.
    • Filter options are applied directly to the directory tree and all other views.
    • Duplicate files can be identified by the MD5 checksum of their content or a combination of name, size and last change date, for even easier deduplication operations.
  • Export Results

    • Print reports showing the directory structure or save them as XLS, XLSX, XML, PDF, RTF, Text- or HTML- files and export them to the clipboard.
    • Directly send reports via e-mail.
    • Charts can be exported in the common graphic formats JPG, GIF and PNG.
  • The SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition offers automated Reporting via OLE Automation

    • The OLE Automation interface allows scheduling your exports from within your own scripts or applications.
    • All programming languages that offer an OLE Automation interface are supported (e.g. C#, VBScript, VB.NET, Delphi, Windows PowerShell, VBA in Microsoft Office).
    • Programming examples are included.
  • Customized View

    • Visibility and order of the columns can be configured for the details view and each export type separately.
    • You can easily customize the output format, e.g. number of decimals, size unit (Byte, KB, MB, GB, TB or automatic display of an appropriate size unit) etc.
  • SpaceObServer supports:

    • Unicode file and directory names.
    • The Explorer context menu within the SpaceObServer interface.
    • Windows File Paths longer than 255 characters.