SEPA Direct Debits and Bank Transfers

Online Banking With SEPA-Transfer

 Are you using the Internet to process bank transactions for your domestic German account via online banking, but need access to the import and export functions of SEPA-Transfer? Then simply use SEPA-Transfer to communicate with your bank!

Without further effort, you can import your data into SEPA-Transfer from Excel spreadsheets or - in the Enterprise Edition - from a database and forward it to your bank. SEPA-Transfer supports all common security procedures: Your data is securely transferred to the bank via HBCI/FinTS. Most banks support HBCI/FinTS.

Do you use a chip card reader for authentication for home banking? Then we recommend the SEPA-Transfer Enterprise Edition! It supports an easy login via chip card reader.

How Does Online Banking With SEPA-Transfer Work?

  1. In the "Online banking" section of the program settings, check "Use FinTS/HBCI".
  2. A setup wizard opens. Among other things, enter the user ID you received from your bank for logging in to online banking.
  3. You can choose between the following 2 login procedures:
    • PIN/TAN
    • Chip card (Enterprise Edition only)

Tip: You can also make these settings directly when setting up a new account.


Do you want to process many transactions at once? SEPA-Transfer offers the practical collective transaction processing, in which you can transfer an unlimited number of transaction files to your bank with a single verification of your identity.

If desired, SEPA-Transfer Enterprise Edition will automatically generate an Excel log containing all transaction data upon completion of your transactions.

Try SEPA-Transfer for Free

Are you looking for a tool for secure online banking using HBCI/FinTS? SEPA-Transfer helps you out! We offer a 30 days free trial for our tool: Convince yourself!