Secure Banking: FinTS Explained Easily

FinTS is a standard in German payment transactions that enables secure online banking. The FinTS protocol allows the use of the PIN/TAN procedure, which is already known from online banking, and is thus a further development of the older HBCI standard, which did not yet support it.

Today, the vast majority of banks in Germany support FinTS and have a corresponding interface. In addition to the forwarding of transactions, the most important digital business transactions are the transfer of direct debits and the retrieval of account transactions.

Online banking via FinTS made easy with SEPA-Transfer

For convenient online banking, a tool that can forward payments directly to the bank via FinTS is best suited. SEPA-Transfer supports all common security procedures: Your data is securely transferred to the bank via FinTS / HBCI.

To activate FinTS / HBCI in SEPA-Transfer, if you have not already done so during the initial setup of SEPA-Transfer:

  • Open the program settings and check "Use FinTS/HBCI" in the "Online banking" section.
  • Now a setup wizard opens, which guides you comfortably through the online banking setup: Here, among other things, you enter the user ID you received from your bank to log in to online banking.
  • Then choose between the following login procedures:
    • PIN/TAN, all common TAN procedures are supported.
    • Chip card (Enterprise Edition only)

Now everything is ready to send transfers and direct debits directly to your bank and retrieve account transactions.
If desired, SEPA-Transfer Enterprise Edition automatically creates an Excel log containing all transaction data after your transactions are completed or exports account transactions to an Excel file.

Import payment data from various sources

SEPA-Transfer not only helps with online banking when communicating with the bank, but also has a practical import and export of payment data in various formats.

With the import wizartd you can import your payment data conveniently from Excel to SEPA-Transfer and forward it to your bank. SEPA-Transfer Enterprise Edition even supports importing payment data from the database.

Try SEPA-Transfer for Free

Are you looking for a tool for secure online banking using HBCI/FinTS? SEPA-Transfer helps you out! We offer a 30 days free trial for our tool: Convince yourself!

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Easy SEPA online banking using FinTS
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