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Custom File Search

The TreeSize File Search is a powerful tool for searching files on multiple drives, entire servers or even your entire network neighbourhood.
Custom File Search provides you with several options for a detailed file search. You can flexibly configure the search to your needs, using file names, sizes, dates, attributes and users as parameters for your search.

Search Types

Look for the largest or oldest files and see if they are of any use for you. Track temporary or useless internet files occupying your hard disk space.

Duplicate Files

TreeSize's search for duplicates makes searching twofold files easy.

Tracked down files can be marked for a subsequent removal either into the recycle bin or into a different folder of your choice. You can archive these files even in a ZIP file, if you want. The original paths to the archived files will be preserved, so restoring the files later in their original place is no issue. You may even pass the checked files to any executable file or script as parameter, which offers system administrators a lot of possibilities to process the results of a file search, e.g. for cleanup purposes.

Long Path Names

TreeSize also supports path names that are longer than 255 characters. By means of the custom file search, you can easily find and move or delete these long paths.

File Search Options

The different types of searches can be configured in detail, e.g. for excluding certain file types or recently changed files from the search.